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Improve your batteries with surface science

Conference Talk

Improve your batteries with surface science

How to Improve Cell Wetting Rates and Adhesive Bonds in Battery Production



The vast number of materials that are packed together in a battery means there are countless solid and liquid surfaces with complex interactions between them. Discover how analyzing these surfaces can help optimize battery development, production, and performance.


Register free of charge and watch the talk of our application expert Dr. Daniel Frese held at the Innovative Battery Technologies Conference in June 2021.


What you can expect

Learn about measuring methods that help you understand interfacial processes inside your batteries.


Recording on demand

If you register now, the recorded talk will be available to you immediately.



  • How wetting analysis of porous material helps you speed up the typically slow filling process with the electrolyte
  • How cleanliness of materials as a precondition for stable bonds can be checked
  • Why surface activation and its monitoring is the key to durable cell-to-cell bonding
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