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Dynamic Foam Analyzer


The universal instrument for all aspects of liquid foam

Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 for foamability and foam stabilitys


  • Firefighting foams

  • Flotation as a method for separating solids

  • Foam prevention for paints and varnishes, process and waste water, or cooling lubricants

  • Foam-inhibiting and foam-reducing agents (anti-foaming agents/defoamers)

  • Foams for washing and cleaning

  • Foams in food and personal care products

  • Surfactant development

Measuring methods

  • Foamability and foam stability using the optically detected height of foam created reproducibly

  • Foam formation behavior of heavily foaming liquids using stirring cycles

  • Optically detected foam bubble sizes and their statistical distribution

  • Moisture and drainage behavior of foam using its electrical conductivity

  • Carrying out a measurement up to 20 consecutive times and displaying the results together

Measuring results

  • Decay curves: total height and volume as well as foam and liquid height and volume at each measured point in time

  • Head retention value (HRV)

  • Maximum foam volume and liquid volume in foam at maximum

  • Optional results for liquid content and foam structure

  • Time values for the reduction of liquid volume in foam and foam volume to 75% and 50% (foam half-life)