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Components for measuring picoliter drops


Conversion set for micro-drop analyses

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The sets CK4232 (for drops above 20 pL) and CK4234 (for drops above 60 pL) equip your DSA30 for precisely analyzing the wetting of tiny samples. The conversion option enables you to switch the measuring mode from conventional drop dosing to micro-drop analysis without the need for a second instrument frame.


The high-quality microscope lens and the set’s particularly powerful special lighting ensure a clear, sharp image of the drop. The different dosing units of the two sets produce drops from 20 pL and 60 pL respectively, which are placed with pinpoint accuracy with the help of a micro-positioning unit. A micro-sample table supplied with each unit enables the sample to be finely positioned with great accuracy. Both sets also include practical cleaning accessories with a vacuum pump to draw flushing liquid through the tiny dosing opening.

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