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ADVANCE Software

Interfacial analysis as a unique user experience

Follow your intuition

ADVANCE is the place where intuition leads you to your destination. Created in close cooperation with power users of our instruments, the software guides you on the shortest way from preparation to raw data check, result evaluation, and export. As for the design, just enjoy the view on the way.



Take a leap in ADVANCE

Templates, Automations, Evaluations: Experience core features of our universal software platform for interfacial analysis in a collection of videos.

Leap inside

When intuition becomes logical

ADVANCE follows a universal workflow from preparation to evaluation on which every scientific measurement is based in principle.

Step 1: Prepare

Start with editing sample info and measurement parameters – or just select a matching template.

Step 2: Perform

Depending on the degree of automation, ADVANCE takes complete control while you can watch it collect raw data.

Step 3: Review

The measurement is finished. ADVANCE shows all measured data in clearly arranged tables and charts.

Step 4: Evaluate

Apply scientific models to calculate con­clusive results and make a few further clicks for reports or file exports.

Ready for Industry 4.0!

You cannot say “more automatic”. But we do anyway!


The most automatic software solution

Quality control requires the simplest possible useability. Our ADVANCE WebApp reduces operation to a click of a button in the browser of any computer – including result export with custom data fields in accordance with common industry standards for quality control. The ADVANCE API goes even further and communicates with other software to carry out extensive automated measurement series. Learn how the Fraunhofer CSP uses the API for an Industry 4.0 quality control process for wafers.

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ADVANCE at work

If you are already curious, see what happens when ADVANCE meets an instrument.

ADVANCE | Drop Shape

A drop can be very revealing. Lying on a coated or pretreated sample, it tells you everything about its wettability. A drop at the tip of a needle can tell you the surface or interfacial tension. If it rolls off at slight inclination, the surface has good self-cleaning properties. And when jetted by a print head, the dropꞌs shape and flying behavior is closely linked to the printing quality. Together with our instruments, ADVANCE makes drops hand over all this information.

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ADVANCE | Tensiometers

It’s a long way from making a steel needle swim as a party trick to analyzing a surface scientifically. However, what ADVANCE has in common with this trick is the intuitive way of making the effects of surface tension visible. Thus, processes as complex as automated CMC determinations lead to useful knowledge for countless fields in which surface and interfacial tension as well as wettability play a key role.

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ADVANCE | Foam Analysis

Just like the speed at which an apple falls from a tree, the behavior of foam follows the laws of nature. But studying these laws, producing foam with certain properties, and controlling its quality requires reproducible foam analysis. With our instruments, ADVANCE takes a close look at all aspects of foam behavior and provides accurate results by controlling foam formation and communicating with precise sensors and cameras.

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Satisfied voices

The MSA from KRÜSS is inline-capable thanks to the available API and thus offers us the chance for Industry 4.0 quality control.

Ringo Köpge

Research Associate, Fraunhofer CSP

The measuring instruments from KRÜSS are of extremely high quality workmanship and well thought-out in their application. Intuitive operability speaks for itself, as does the related software. Optimal export and thus evaluation possibilities are given.

Martin Rößler

Laboratory Engineer, BA-Dresden

The software interface is well thought out and intuitive, which minimizes training time and promotes productivity.

Neil Warrender

VP Technology, Engenium Chemicals Corporation

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