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ADVANCE | Tensiometers

The universal approach to analyzing liquid and solid surfaces

Tensiometry in the broadest sense

You may know a tensiometer as a measuring instrument for surface and interfacial tension of liquids. That is correct, of course, but ADVANCE has a much wider approach: Tensiometry as a collection of methods for analyzing liquid and solid surfaces and interfaces as well as density and even the sedimentation speed of dispersions.


To carry out all these tasks easily and reproducibly, ADVANCE incorporates manifold motorized components, precise sensors, and cameras in automated measurements. This includes tasks as complex as determinations of the critical micelle concentration (CMC) with automatically generated concentration series.

Automation down to the last detail

The Tensíío Force Tensiometer can be connected with two Micro Dispenser units for adding and removing liquid. With ADVANCE, you can use this setup to measure the CMC unattended and even receive a result export without a further click.

Measuring interfacial tension in the lowest range

Ultralow interfacial tension such as required in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) needs a special approach. Here, ADVANCE analyzes the diameter of a drop in an automated measurement with the SDT Spinning Drop Tensiometer.

More knowledge about the solid-liquid contact with Adhesion Analysis

The Adhesion Analysis makes the most of your SFE results by calculating scientific parameters for the interfacial contact between a solid and a liquid. Using measured or manually entered data, values for work of adhesion, contact angle, interfacial tension, and spreading coefficient are calculated. The results help you to assess the quality of the contact. You also gain information about how to improve adhesion, for example by raising the polarity of a material up to the optimum value.

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