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Drop Shape Analyzer


High pressure interfacial analysis for flooding methods in EOR

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP690 for high-pressure interfacial tension measurements in EOR

The DSA100HP690 performs precise measurements of contact angle as well as surface tension and interfacial tension at pressures of up to 690 bar and temperatures of up to 200 °C. The main focus lies in optimizing the use and formulation of flooding fluids in enhanced oil recovery (EOR).


The instrument analyzes the wetting of rock as well as phase interactions between oil and water under reservoir conditions. The DSA100HP690 combines our expertise in the field of optical drop shape analysis and the know-how of our partner EUROTECHNICA in high pressure applications.


  • Surface tension of flooding fluids and their interfacial tension with oil under storage conditions

  • Wettability of reservoir rock by flooding mixtures in air as well as wetted by oil

Measuring methods

  • Contact angle of a drop on a solid surface

  • Contact angle using a gas bubble beneath a solid surface in a liquid

  • Surface or interfacial tension using the curvature of a drop or bubble at the tip of a needle

Measuring results

  • Surface tension of a liquid

  • Interfacial tension between two liquids

  • Static contact angle

  • Contact angle using a bubble in a liquid

Versatile options for dosing and measuring

With the aid of the dosing units of the DSA100HP690, the drop liquid and the surrounding phase easily reach the inside of the high pressure cell. Handling the drop phase is especially convenient with the special Mini-Dosing unit which works with small volumes and is easy to clean. This dosing unit, as well as the high pressure cell, is also available in the resistant material, Hastelloy for measurements with corrosive reservoir water.


Rock samples can be positioned from the outside to measure the wettability at different positions while maintaining the pressure. The flexible design also allows contact angle measurements in a surrounding liquid phase. Precise temperature control up to 200 °C is achieved by means of an electric heater.



Reliable drop shape analysis thanks to high imaging quality

The DSA100HP690 features a high-resolution camera and a quality zoom lens for accurate display of the drop with optimum size. The high image quality that this achieves leads to a precisely measured contact angle or surface/interfacial tension. Combined with the intelligent image evaluation algorithm of the ADVANCE software, drop shape analysis with the instrument provides exact results.

  • Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP690 for high-pressure interfacial tension measurements in EOR

    Adding the drop phase is particularly easy with the heatable Mini-Dosing Unit.

  • Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP690 for high-pressure interfacial tension measurements in EOR

    The measuring cell can be filled with liquids or gases via various inlets – also in combination, e.g. brine/CO2.



  • Intuitive software with a workflow-oriented user interface

  • Swift and repeatable analyses thanks to measurement templates and powerful automation functions

  • Superior algorithms for image analyses provide for precise results even with difficult images

  • A wide range of evaluation methods makes ADVANCE a reliable scientific tool

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