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Agro Chemicals

In cooperation with ORBIT RESEARCH Ass.Pvt.Ltd.
May 28 - 29, 2024

 Radisson Blu Mumbai International Airport

2nd Annual Agro Chemicals R&D & Innovations

Research and development (R&D) is the innovation engine of the agrochemical industry and is crucial for driving growth. The industry is on the verge of constantly evolving technology to meet a wide range of demands, with R&D taking precedence. Over 3,000 crores of rupees have been spent on R&D by Indian corporations in the form of land, buildings, equipment, trials, and registration. This represents 5% of the agrochemical sector's overall revenue, which has significantly increased in recent years. The argument for the crop protection chemicals sector is becoming stronger with innovation driven by R&D exports. Agrochemical companies are increasingly focusing on introducing new formulations in their R&D capabilities and product mix to gain an edge.

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