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Certificate courses for successful and reliable measurements

New series of training courses for users of our measuring instruments starts with the MSA

Training for day-to-day measurement practice: Our new certificate courses will provide you with the knowledge and expertise of carrying out quality checks and other measurements successfully and safely. You, as a user of our instruments with specific applications and needs, are the focus of our one-day courses.


The one-day event Testing Wetting and Surface Free energy Professionally and Safely on May 21 in Hamburg will form the prelude to the planned series of courses. The focus of the course will be the proper use of your Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA and other KRÜSS instruments equipped with Liquid Needle technology.


Our team of scientists and experienced laboratory technicians will provide the necessary knowledge in the fields of contact angle measurement, surface energy, and surface pre-treatment as well as technical aspects of the measuring instruments. Together with our seminar team, you will develop solutions for your various applications needs and extend your capabilities with current industry best practices. You will apply the acquired knowledge in hands-on sessions and receive a certificate on completion of the course.


We will keep you posted regarding further events in our seminar overview.

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