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The Life of an Ink

October 17 - 18, 2023
Borsteler Chaussee 85, 22453 Hamburg, Germany

The Life of an Ink

A practical seminar on how to characterize an ink in its complete life cycle


Inks must fulfill a full range of end-use properties to guarantee high performance. The challenge is to maintain these high standards even if we are heading to more sustainable, water-based formulations. Parameters like dispersibility, wettability, initial particle size, zeta potential, and sedimentation rate are essential characteristics when it comes to ink performance. Furtermore, during the application process one must consider surface tension properties of the formulation, wettability of the substrate and finally drying kinetics of the ink itself.


In this seminar, the collaboration of measurement techniques from KRÜSS and FORMULACTION join for a full and almost complete characterization journey of the product life cycle of a commercial ink formulation.


On top of this, we offer a hands-on the instruments section, where our techniques will be demonstrated in the lab.


Course objectives


  • Fundamentals of wettability of pigments
  • From dispersibility to stability of ink suspensions
  • Particle sizing of concentrated inks
  • Surface tension and contact angles
  • Drying kinetics of inks on various substrates
  • Hands-on lab session



Costs and Registration

The event is free of charge. Regardless, please register via Eventbrite as space is limited.  The registration deadline is October 9, 2023.




We have planned two days full of input and opportunities for exchanging and networking. You can find the full agenda here.






Our seminar team

Dr. Justus Herrmannsdörfer is Manager of the interdisciplinary cooperation network nanoInk at the Cluster Nanotechnology/Nanoinitiative Bayern. In 2009, he completed his chemistry studies with focus on biochemistry and nanotechnology. During his following academic career at the University of Bayreuth and the Leibniz Institute INM he designed and developed new materials (e.g. for catalysis and hydrogen storage applications) as well as innovative analytical techniques like in-situ electron microscopy in liquids. He authors more than 30 publications on the field of nanotechnology and is an expert for analytics, as well as mesostructured nanomaterials and nanocomposites.


Matthias Lesti received his degree in chemical engineering from the Technical University Munich and started to work business development and sales for Formulaction products. Formulaction is known as a manufacturer/developer of scientific instruments in the field of dispersion characterisation. As CEO of the german subsidiary for Formulaction in the last years, Matthias built up a strong knowledge in colloidal chemistry regarding electrostatic and global stability of dispersions and especially how to characterise these phenomena


Dr. Andrew Mellor obtained an engineering doctorate in surface and interfacial physics/chemistry from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (UCL) and currently serves as an Application Market Manager to our worldwide customer network.



Further specialists from our technical service and customer support laboratories.

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