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Top View Analyzer


Wetting measurements in depressions and on concave surfaces

Top View Analyzer – TVA100B for wetting measurements in depressions

The TVA100B Top View Analyzer is the only instrument in the world to use the top-view distance method for measuring the contact angle of a liquid on a solid from above. The innovative measuring method is particularly suitable for measurements in depressions and on concave surfaces where drops cannot be analyzed using the usual side view.

A further strength of the TVA100B lies in the especially high precision in the range of very low contact angles, which makes it an ideal tool for assessing the cleanliness of glass, for example.


  • Measurements in depressions of well plates and other regular and irregular depressions

  • Measurement between electronic components on populated circuit boards

  • Measurement on optical lenses

  • Surface investigations for the interior of tubes and hoses

  • Checking of cleaning procedures, especially for glass

Measuring methods

  • Contact angle of a drop viewed from the top

  • Surface free energy of a solid using contact angle data

Measuring results

  • Static contact angle

  • Surface free energy

Top View Analyzer – TVA100B for wetting measurements in depressions

how it works

Our top view distance method

With the top view distance method, the curvature of the surface of a drop, which correlates with the contact angle, is determined from the distance of reflected light spots in a video image. These light spots originate from LEDs, which are arranged above the drop.


The calculation of the contact angle is possible with further information given by the setup: the working distance, the distance of the LEDs from one another, the optical enlargement, and the dosed drop volume.


The TVA100B is equipped with high-quality optics and a high-resolution camera for the exact measurement of the point distances. The volume of the drop is dosed with the same precision. Quick changes of the liquid allow for the surface free energy of the sample to be determined.


  • Intuitive software with a workflow-oriented user interface

  • Swift and repeatable analyses thanks to measurement templates and powerful automation functions

  • Superior algorithms for image analyses provide for precise results even with difficult images

  • A wide range of evaluation methods makes ADVANCE a reliable scientific tool

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